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Gambling tokens

By gambling tokens we generally mean tokens born out of gambling ICOs. Some of these are app-coins that can be used for gambling on specific platforms. Others are used as a way for token holders to receive dividends from the gambling platform.

Average RIOs Feb 2019

Average RIO since ICO
Total: 869%
Per year: 37%

Average RIO since first listed on exchanges
Total: -52%
Per year: -45%

Only 3/10 tokens included here have a positive return on investment (RIO) since ICO

But because they went to the moon, averaging 3093% gains, they effect the average more than the other 7 tokens which have lost an average of -83%.

So investing in a gambling token has an almost a binary outcome. You will either make a fortune or lose almost everything you invested.

Detailed profiles

Decentralized ethereum prediction market.

Annualized RIO since first listed: 19%

Crypto dice site with house bank investment via the ICO tokens.

Annualized RIO since first listed: -45%

Bitcoin casino and sportsbook.

Annualized RIO since ICO: -43%

Crypto dice and casino with house bank investment.

Annualized RIO since first listed: -69%

Decentralized blockchain gambling protocol.

Annualized RIO since first listed: -52%

0% house edge smart contract casino.

Annualized RIO since first listed: 10%

Dice game built on ethereum smart contracts.

Annualized RIO since first listed: -56%

Casino and social gaming with ethereum smart contracts.

Annualized RIO since first listed: -48%

Decentralized prediction market platform.

Annualized RIO since first listed: -77%

Decentralized bitcoin lottery.

Annualized RIO since first listed:-89%

Other top gambling tokens

These are the other top gambling tokens we have not yet profiled

  • All Sports
  • Casino coin
  • DecentBet
  • Delphy
  • Dragon coin
  • First blood
  • Hero
  • Peerplays
  • Quanta Utility Token
  • Skin coin
  • Stox
  • Unikrn
  • VDice
  • Wagger


Market cap – ICO amount raised per token sold * total number of tokens

This is the theoretical market cap of the token at the end of it’s ICO.

The total number of tokens is the total for the entire project, not just those tokens sold in the ICO. So if a project sold 7 million tokens for $1 each and created another 3 million tokens for themself, then this market cap would be $10 million.

ICO amount raised per token sold = $1
Total number of tokens = 10,000,000
$1 * 10,000,000 = $10,000,000

Tokens do not maintain that market cap once they are traded on the open market, this is why we also record the next item

Market cap – first listed

This is the market cap of the token once it has been traded on the open market and listed on CoinMarketCap.

Return On Investment (ROI)

This only tracks the value of the token per unit. It does not include any additional tokens that token holders might receive as dividends or in profit sharing.

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