Gambling token profile – BitDice (CSNO)



Crypto dice and casino with house bank investment.

Costa Rica.

Built on Ethereum ERC223 token protocol.

ICO dates
1 August 2017 – 4 September 2017

Amount raised
$8.7 million in bitcoin, dogecoin, ether, iota and litecoin.

Token distribution
100 million CSNO tokens created.
70% sold to investors.
30% retained by fundraisers.

Market cap – ICO amount raised per token sold * total number of tokens
$12.4 million

Market cap – first listed Sep 2017
$10.5 million

Market cap – Feb 2019
$2 million

RIO since ICO (not including dividends)
Total: -84%
Per year: -72%

RIO since first listed (not including dividends)
Total: -81%
Per year: -69%


Token use

CSNO token holders are promised 70% of BitDice profits distributed quarterly as dividends. CSNO tokens can also be used for betting and bonuses on BitDice.

Project summary

BitDice is a well trusted dice site, having operated profitably and incident free since 2014, with one of the biggest and best performing house bank investment options.

BitDice felt that the house bank investment model gave too much betting profit to the investors (90%) and not enough to the site (10%). The post ICO model sees the site retain 30% of betting profit with 70% going to investors.

BitDice planed to use funds raised in the ICO to expand to other gambling types and to offer government-currency gambling. As for executing that plan, they have added some casino games.

Dividends of around 7%

Token holders have received dividends of around 7%, although this does seem to be dropping over time. Still this illustrates the benefit of investing in a project with a working profitable product.

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